Last Modified: Dec 21, 2022

  • Applications not authorized by MoonBD, changing game files, cheats and similar utilities, using third party applications are prohibited.

  • You cannot use any bugs, glitches and unwanted features you find in the game and you cannot share them with other users. When you detect such situations, you should immediately notify the authorized staff. A reward will be given to the person(s) who reported the deficit, taking into account the type of deficit, the number of people to be affected and the time elapsed, briefly the size of the deficit. In addition, all the advantages provided in the time passed since its detection and action will be taken back.

  • Advertising another game, product and application in MoonBD game and on our Discord channel is forbidden without permission from MoonBD staff. This includes directly messaging members in discord or in game.

  • Buying or selling products/characters/accounts/items with real money or attempting is forbidden. Excluding the official Cash Shop of MoonBD and Cash Transfers.

  • Creating or logging into the game with more than one account is forbidden. Each person can only have 1 account.

  • Sharing your account information is forbidden. Every account is personal and cannot be shared with anyone.

  • It is forbidden to impersonate any authorized personel.

  • Stream sniping, abusing game falcon feature, continously harrassing one player is forbidden. Excluding Arsha channel and Guild Wars. This rule will apply to those who does/tries to make a player quit or try to make their game unplayable by keep chasing and killing that player. This rule will also apply to when a player killing players continously in order to block them from looting.

  • AFK gain with 3rd party application like macro, scripts etc. is forbidden.

  • It is forbidden to organize or be a member of any group in the game or discord that is based on or promotes blasphemy, abusive/insulting, racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-lgbt or other hate-mongering philosophies.

  • Sending spam messages is forbidden. This includes private messages.

  • Using profanity and slang nicknames, sexually explicit images, profile pictures and expressions or unreadable nicknames (Example: IIllIIllI) is forbidden.

  • It is forbidden to share, disclose, mention your or anyone else's real-life information. This includes your name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address, social media accounts, etc. Everyone has right to privacy and we will not tolerate any violation of this right.

  • It is forbidden to use misleading statements to authorized personel.

  • Vilifying the game publicly in communication channels or in private messages is forbidden. If you have problem with any staff member contact owner (Zeus) via discord.

  • Publicly leaking, mentioning, sharing screenshots of your conversations in private with anyone is forbidden. This rule applies to conversations with staff members as well as conversations with other players.

  • You can not discrespect, insult, threaten a staff member. You must be careful with your attitude while talking to a staff member.

  • You can only appeal to your ban if you have a valid reason and evidence. Staff team does not have to disclose proof of your ban nor explain it. Ban reason disclosed in the ban message given by launcher or game.

  • You can only use all channels on the Discord server and Forum for their intended purpose.

  • For discord server only: Violating Discord's terms of service or community guidelines is not allowed in any public channel - see Discord Terms and Discord Guidelines

Administration reserves the right to change or add rules at any time.